Fang Zhongpu, born in 1922, Shaanxi Yaoxian, is native of Shandong Laiwu,and graduated from the Law School of Shanghai. He is a former reporter for the Wuxi “Sunan Daily”, Dalian, “Northeast Seafarers Monthly”, "the Northern Seafarers Bi-Weekly”, Beijing’s “Chinese Seafarers Journal”, “People’s Marine Shipping Journal”, editor for the Shanxi People's Publishing House and Deputy Secretary General of the China Pacific Historical Society. His major works include “The Waterway History", "Seven Thousand Years at Sea", "Peaceful Navigation - Zheng He's Voyages" (in English), "The spreading of Chinese Bronze Drum Overseas", "A Historical Investigation of when China Discovered America” and  “Chinese Maritime before Columbus” etc.


Main Publications:

  1. (1)Chinese Maritime before Columbus

  2. (2)Sailing to the Americas and the Maritime Silk Road

  3. (3)A Historical Investigation of when China Discovered America

  4. (4)A History of Shipping by Water in China

  5. (5)Seven Thousand Years at Sea

  6. (6)Peaceful Navigation - Zheng He's voyages

  7. (7)Jianghai Yi Wen


  1. (1)