Jia Lanpo, (1908 to 2001), (nickname: Yousheng), was also referred by his pen name, Jia Yusheng, Zhou Long, or Lan Jiugong. He was one of China’s most famous Paleolithic archaeologist, paleoanthropologist, quaternary geologist, Chinese Academy of Sciences Senior Fellow, foreign academician of the National Academy of Sciences and member of the Third World Academy. He discussed about two main microlithic traditions and proposed theoretical questions on the microlithic origin and distribution. Jia published "Microliths of China its Characteristics and Origin”, and helped China’s research towards microliths take giant step forward. It was even supported by American archaeologists, as American scholars believed that that he played a role in guiding North American archeology.



Main Publications:

  1. (1)Lunan archaeological team’s special Anthropologic Discovery (1933)

  2. (2)Chinese Homo Erectus (1950)

  3. (3)The Paleolithic Culture (1957)

  4. (4)Chinese’s Ancient residents (Chinese, Japanese, British version, 1978)

  5. (5)Home of "Peking Man (French version, Beijing Foreign Languages Publishing, 1978)

  6. (6)China’s Paleolithic Period (1982)

  7. (7)Prehistoric contact between Asia and North America (" Pacific Ocean Press, 1985)

  8. (8)When did man land on the American continent? ("Discovery of Nature", 3, 1991)

  9. (9)Others: More than 300 publications.


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