Ling Chun Sheng (1902 to 1981), who also went by Minfu and Runsheng, was born in Jiangsu, Chang Zhou. He was a Chinese ethnologist, anthropologist and musician. He attended University of Paris, France in 1926 and received his Ph.D. in 1929. Upon returning back to China, he served as Director of the Central Government Ministry of Education, a researcher at the Central Research Institute of Ethnology group Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Education Secretary, Frontier Education Secretary, National Frontier Culture Education Curator, National Central University, Department of Frontier Politics Professor and Department director. 1949 -1959, he was elected a Fellow of Academia Sinica. Upon arriving in Taiwan in 1956, he became the founding director of the Institute of Ethnology at the Academia Sinica Institute. He is most known for his research on the Hezhe ethnic group who resided by the Songhua river, which was the first scientific national fieldwork in China. Afterwards, he and Rui Yifu investigated ethnic groups throughout China, while also focusing on the Asian continent, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Oceania (otherwise known as the Pacific Rim). They conducted comparative studies on material culture (such as bark-clothing culture, dolmen culture, stone daggers etc.).



Main Publications

  1. (1)《松花江下游的赫哲族》

  2. (2)《湘西苗族调查报告》

  3. (3)《中国边政制度》

  4. (4)《边疆文化论集》

  5. (5)《中泰文化论集》

  6. (6)《台湾与东亚及西南太平洋的石棚文化》

  7. (7)《中国远古与太平印度两洋的帆筏戈船方舟和楼船的研究》

  8. (8)《中国与海洋洲的龟祭文化》

  9. (9)《中国边疆民族与环太平洋文化》等。

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