Liu Yaohan, (1922 to 2012), Yi Ethnic Minority professor. Graduated in 1947 from the Department of Sociology, Yunnan University. Researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chuxiong Yi Culture Research Institute Honorary Life President. Academic specialties of Ethnology and ethnic history. He enjoyed special government allowances issued by the State Council in 1992. He is considered to be modern China’s first Yi professor.

Main Publications:

  1. (1)Yi Cultural Studies Series

  2. (2)History of Yi astronomy

  3. (3)Chinese civilization, the source of new exploration - Yi Taoist tiger cosmology

  4. (4)18 month solar Calendar of the Yi Ethnic Tribe of China and Mayan Civilization in Mexico (co-author)

  5. (5)China’s Yi 10 Month Calendar and Eighteen Month Calendar status in the History of the World’s Civilization

  6. (6)Yi Shaman Legends - Shaman Footwork, Pace of Yu, voices of the Yi Shaman, and Yi chanting