Lu Gwei-Djen (1904 to 1991), Ph.D (University of Cambridge); 1971, was appointed Deputy Director of the Cambridge East Asian History of Science Library, and a Robinson College researcher. She was first trained as a clinical pathologists in China, then held a number of teaching and research positions in United Kingdom and the United States. Later on, she cooperated with Needham in writing “The History of Science and Technology of China”. In addition to publishing a large number of works in the study of Chinese science, she also published numerous papers in Biochemistry and History journals.
  1. (8)1980, Fourth volumes of the publication of the fifth volume of the development of the study of Chinese and Western chemical instrument, the theoretical basis of alchemy and its spread in the Arab, Byzantine and European, as well as the Renaissance Adams the Palladian Seth (Paracelsus) the impact of the chemical school of medicine, (w/ Needham, Ho and Sivin)

  1. (9)1984, the publication of Volume V fifth volumes the physiological alchemy (nedan), the original Biochemistry and medieval sex hormone preparation, (w/ Needham)

  1. (10)1984,  co-wrote, published in Volume V Volume 7 (gunpowder and firearms history), (w/ Needham, Ho and Wang)

  1. (11)1994, and Joseph Needham, Wang Ling, the fruit 里柯夫斯基 (K. Gawlikowski) Hayama (Robin Yates) co-wrote, published in Volume V Volume VI (military technology)

  1. (12)1985, Trans-Pacific Echoes and Resonances: Listening Once Again, (w/ Needham)

Main Publications:

  1. (1)1951, Science & Civilisation in China, (w/ Needham), 1st Edition

  1. (2)1971, Volume III (the ancient Chinese civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, construction, marine and ocean navigation technology), (w/ Needham)

  1. (3)1974, the second branch of the publication of the fifth volume (the origins of alchemy), (w/Needham)

  1. (4)1976,  the third branch of the publication of the fifth volume alchemy (Wai Tan) Development and Early History of Chemistry, (w/ Needham and Ho)