Qiao Jian, born in 1935, is a Chinese-American anthropologist and a native of Shanxi Jiexiu. He received his BA at National Taiwan University’s Department of Archaeology and Anthropology (1958), his masters at the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (1961), followed by a Ph.D. from Cornell University’s Department of Anthropology (1969). He was a professor at Indiana University, Chair Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor at Taiwan Donghua University and Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

He is currently a lecturer at the cross-cultural research center of Taiwan Shih Hsin University, Chairman of the Anthropology Forum in China, Honorary Professor of the Minzu University, Honorary professor at Shanxi University, Director of the academic committee for the North Shanxi University History and Culture Research Center, and Honorary Professor for South-Central University for Nationalities. Together with Li Chi, Wu Wenzao Linyaohua, Fei Xiaotong, Li Yih-yuan, he is recognized as one of the anthropology masters of China.



Main Publications:

  1. (1)《印第安人的诵歌》:乔健编著,中国人类学家对拿瓦侯、祖尼、玛雅等北美原住民族的研究.桂林:广西师范大学出版社

  2. (2)《飘泊中的永恒》——人类学田野调查笔记

  3. (3)《传统的传承:藏族(萨格尔>史诗诵唱者与拿瓦祭祀诵唱者的比较研究》

  4. (4)《多元族群、多元文化与文化咨询》等近百篇


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