Xu Songshi (1900-1999) Pastor, writer and historian, graduated from University of Shanghai, and converted to Christianity at the age of nineteen. During the war against Japan, Pastor Xu established the first Domestic Christian Literary Society, preached Christianity to the citizens. Pastor Xu was also a history scholar, and compiled research works about Sociology in both English and Chinese, using classical evidences to propose how the Chinese explored the American continent, and how the Chinese were ancestors of the Indians and Eskimos. He also published a wide variety of books and translations.



Main Publications:

  1. (1)《华人发现美洲考》

  2. (2)《禹迹华踪美洲怀古》

  3. (3)《泰族僮族粤族考》

  4. (4)《基督教与中国文化》等

    1. Links :

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    3. (2)http://k.mengxiang.org/index.php?doc-view-137485.html